Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Shark Reef

Monday night... mom and dad took Dane and I to the shark reef. We all got in free because if a person worked for the school district they and a guest got in free SO we had mom and dad and Dane and i got in free! it was a lot of fun. We saw sharks of coarse, jellyfish, sting rays, alligators, giant lizards, and of last but not least turtles! it was a lot of fun and a great family home evening!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

girls camp 08

This year for girls camp we went to the BEACH! it's kind of a long story but oh well

we were on our way up to the San Mateo Camp grounds and stopped for lunch at KFC before heading to the Newport temple and from then on. but at lunch Janene called the camp to make sure our reservations were still being held and they completely messed up and put one camp ground at the San Mateo camp grounds and the other at the bluffs..... the bluffs is not nearly as nice as San Mateo! so we ended up at the bluffs but before we went there to set up and after Janene had a breakdown in the middle of KFC we went to the Newport Temple!!! it was beautiful! we parked at the church or visiting center across the street then entered through a gate and when we entered it a view of blue and white flower is was absolutely gorgeous! there was waterfoutains and everything! it was picture perfect. we were given 15 minutes to go around the entire temple and take pictures! it was the most beautiful temple I've seen it makes me want to be married there some day and I've always loved the color blue and the colors were just perfect.
so after the temple we went to the camp ground found out there was a train track right up a hill from our tents . Let me tell you it's pretty scery at night when a train comes by it seems SO loud it feels like there's a train going to run you over in the middle of the night!! pretty creepy! and then on the other side of the train was the free way!
well those weren't the worst part..... it was the bathrooms and showers! ya the bathrooms there was bugs every where.. there was one night i wasn't with them but they told me the story a group of girls went to the bathroom because we were up late drinking liters of soda well Amanda was in the bathroom and they held the Dore open a little and stuck the flash light in it so it would give her some light. well Vanessa was holding the light and Taylor notice a spider on Vanessa's had so she screamed and then Vanessa did then a train reaction happened so they all scream and Vanessa let go of the Dore and light so Amanda was thinking they were getting kidnapped so tried to hurry and get out but couldn't stop peeing sooo ya she wet her self!!!! it was pretty hilarious!
well the showers are another story too..... during the day they were so many bees around them we wouldn't dare it was scary! so we were suppose to go at night and oh yea the showers weren't covered and they were facing the freeway... yep sooo we were all sandy all week because we had to shower in our swimming suites and there was sand in them! yup really uncomfortable!!
one of the exciting things about the first night we were there was after we setup our tents and had dinner our leaders let us go to the ocean so we had a beautiful view of the water and moonlight!!! it left us all speechless!
well then Tuesday went and Wednesday night i got sick...i had a fever, sore throte, and my head hurt SO bad! the priesthood leaders gave me a blessing but even still so i had to sleep a tent with Janene and sister gubler! it was the most uncomfortable night ever i had to sleep on my back because i couldn't movie on the huge air mattress they had!the next day i felt a little better and because it was the last night they let me sleep in the big tent with 5 other girls but i failed to mention that i had to share my twin mattress with Amanda and soo we had wars in the middle of the nights because I'd get cold and steel the blanket and she'd kick me off the mattress! well the next day we couldn't get breakfast until we had all our tents cleaned and stuff packed and put away ready to leave after breakfast sooo ya we woke up at 6:00 and didn't get to eat until 10:00ish...... yeah horrible morning! we were all ready to go home either we were sick(me), had a really bad sunburn,or had chaffing from the sad and stuff! so ya we were all ready to go! well i sleep for about an 2 hours of the 5 hour car ride but the other 3 hours were sooo long! i could waite to get home
another comment the Ocean is soooo amazing i wish i could just go there every day !

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Up date;school, life, youngwomens

Nothing is new everything is same as always. Softball season has started up and is going great we've won3-2, but we plan on winning against those 2 teams the next time we play them. my team is soo much fun i have 5 players from my team last year and my coach is my assistant coach from last year. It's a lot of fun and I've gone from having fun at 5 to having a blast at 3.So that's all for Softball. wish us luck.
Girls camp is another story. we are going to Cali., the beach in June. We are having a carnival this Saturday to earn money for girls camp. Also happening this Saturday My niece is getting her baby blessing... that means i get to be with my whole family again this weekend. I'm super excited!
School has been OK. We've put in zone variances for Dane and I to go to Mannion and we all hope to get them. we are going mostly for Dane because he'll have all his friends going to Mannion this next year and it will be easiest to adjust for him to middle school(wow, Dane, middle school) but it should be easy for me to because all my old friends go there. I'll only have one problem, leaving my great friends from brown... i deffinantly will have people i wont miss but i have people that i will miss if we do go to Mannion. I've met some of the best friends at brown. They are soo much fun to be around weather it's in band with my percussion group, in science with my class of 14 kids whom have great sense of humors, being crazy at the lunch table, and last but not least the bus stop girls! Weather i leave or stay those will be the Best memories of junior high!!! I guess that i own a thanks to all those who have made 7th grade a great year.Only a month left of school, lets make is a great one!
That's about all that's new with me! I hope you all are doing great and hope to see you soon. Love you all!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well, nothing is new!! Young Womens is lots of fun. Last Friday i went to my schools basket ball game! it was good except we lost. it was still a lot of fun hanging out with my friend and chear with the cheer leaders! I didn't end up getting home until 5:00ish it was dark out so it felt really late! I then got home and watched Monster Inlaw with mom! That's all that's what's new with me. I hope every one is doing great. K.I.T.

Friday, September 14, 2007

finally!!!! girl's camp pictures!!!

Hey i finally got to putting my girl's camp pictures on the computer!!!! So yeah me!! girl's camp went great on the way up there we stopped at Brigham Young's home when he was alive!!! It was neat we saw things that were actually in his house when he was a live. we also went to the Saint Gorge Temple. It's beautiful! And so white!LOL! Also it was amazing how much fun it was to have a few days with just your friends we learned many things and our testimonies grew a lot because each night we had a testimony meeting and we all cried a lot!!! other than the crying and not wanting to go home it was great! i also got some pictures of the scenery on the way up to Wyoming the week after the only picture is the one of the yellow flower!!! well i hope you all are doing great keep in touch! TTYL.